(Enlarged Photo)

Sheraton Sideboard

It may seem odd to describe a piece of furniture by what it lacks but in the case of this sideboard, it seems valid. It is also exceptionally small - at just 3’6” wide, it is a whole foot narrower than some – and deeply serpentine in shape.

It is also severely plain: what catches the eye are the superb book-matched curl mahogany veneers on the front and the four satinwood entablatures, each one carrying upwards the line of the leg.

It is to preserve the smoothness of the serpentine curve that the designer has deliberately omitted handles: the central drawer and two flanking cupboards are opened by keys only. He has also used a subtle device to deceive the eye: the top of the sideboard tapers very slightly towards the rear, helping to emphasise the undulations of the front.

As a final distinguishing touch to this subtly sophisticated and elegant piece, there are surprisingly large anklets on the legs, instead of the more conventional spade feet.

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