(Second Photo)

George III Bureau Bookcase

Two features mark this bureau bookcase out as being of particular interest. Firstly, the gilt brass drop handles have backplates matching the escutcheons, in the form of elaborate, pierced rococo scrolls. Secondly, each astragal-glazed door - which is of the classic 13-pane pattern – has a star-shaped fret radiating from the two main junction points; these frets are joined into the glazing bars at their base, but otherwise lie unsupported, flat against the glass.

This example dates from around 1760 and was bought at a country auction and came originally from a local vicarage. To judge from its original, undisturbed state, it seems likely that it had never been moved until its journey to the saleroom.

Chippendale’s ‘The Gentlemen and Cabinet Maker’s Director’ Plate LXIII (First Edition 1754) shows a library bookcase with similar frets.

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