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Amboyna Longcase Clock

Richard Haughtin, the clockmaker, worked in Fetter Lane at the turn of the 17th Century. Examples of his work are extremely rare and of exceptional quality, with often disconcerting originality of design.

This example displays a decorative feature never previously described in the literature. It is a longcase clock with a breakarch dial, withinwhich was a roundel, signed “R.Haughtin, Fetter Lane” in flowing script. Above and behind the signature is an asymmetrically placed sunburst with a beautifully engraved bearded face – the signature in back wax and the sunburst in red.

The ain trunk door is veneered in amboyna, that most attractive of burr woods, as is the main panel of the base and the hood door. The remainder of the surface is veneered in walnut, with crossgrin mouldings throughout and solid walnut pillars; the decorative details are treble-strung in the form: boxwood/ebony/boxwood.

The overall effect is stunning.


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