Wall-hanging Thermometer by Dring & Fage

The firm of Dring & Fage became famous in the 19th Century by virtually cornering the market in hydrometers, the instruments used by Customs & Excise to measure the alcoholic strength of beers, wines and spirits. In fact the down-to-earth nature of their output was exemplified in the beginning by the founder John Dring: in 1790 he patented an improved ball cock.

Dring & Fage were also quite capable of turning out elegant domestic instruments such as barometers and thermometers. We have an unusually long wall-hanging thermometer signed Dring & Fage, N.2 Tooley Street S.London, dating from around 1810. The 18” case is a typically plain, glass-fronted mahogany box with ultra-slim mouldings and beautifully made joints. The silvered brass dial is located in a tight slot, positioned so that the large spherical mercury bulb is held away from contact back and front.


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