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Bayonet Tube by Watkins and Smith
The relatively short-lived partnership of Watkins & Smith is one of several manifestations of the Watkins dynasty of scientific instrument makers, which ran from 1747-1856. Francis Watkins brought his former apprentice, Addison Smith, to the business in 1763, but their relationship ended some eleven years later. Watkins was most famous for his magnificent angle barometers, built into a frame around a perpetual calendar, but while working with Smith, he also popularised a distinctive style of bayonet-tube stick barometer, where the scale plates of the barometer itelf and the thermometer on the trunk are contiguous with one another. We have for sale an example of this design where the resulting expanse of silvered engraving is further enhanced by the trick of silvering all the remaining metalwork, from the portability screw at the bottom, through the thermometer's guard and cap, up to the enormous ball finial in the broken arch pediment. The overall effect is rather handsome.
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